The Legion turns west

After the Fall the few above-ground survivors of the American southwest fell into tribal factions within a few generations. Small tribes barely eked out a living, with no common law or protection life was chaotic and short for most. One tribal leader, gifted with knowledge from Earth’s ancient past and a vision of a future of glory and restored order, rose to the leadership of a tribe in what was once Nevada. This leader renamed himself Caesar and taught his people the ways of total war. Other tribes, accustomed to minor land skirmishes and ceremonial battles were quickly overwhelmed and incorporated into his growing Legion. In this new order classes and tribal affiliations were forgotten, there were only two types of people, the weak and the strong. The strong joined the Legion and the weak  were enslaved, or worse.

Hearing word of rising tribal activity in the ruins of California Caesar has sent a small scouting group west to evaluate their potential threat and whether they can be a thorn in the side of his old enemies there. Armed with whatever weapons they could scavenge for their journey the scouts are known by the legion symbol of the bull and the red X marking their armor.

-Decanus Vulgarius

Who we are

We are about half in San Diego and half in LA. The idea came from a friend of mine who out of the blue said “Let’s do Legion for WW! ” It took me a minute but I figured out he must have been talking about Caesar’s Legion from Fallout: New Vegas. Most of us were big fans of Fallout and at WW2010 we had caps and Nuka Cola bottles decorating our camp, so it was an easy sell.

Our facebook group Legio X

Contact email bloodyfist@legiox.com

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