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Wasteland Weekend is Nigh

Nigh I tell you!

Barely three months away Wasteland Weekend 2012 is coming up fast and it sounds like it should be the biggest event of it’s kind ever! The estimates (which seem a little exaggerated) say that twice as many people will be there and the tribes who were there before are adding more cool stuff. Now is the time to get cranking on that second costume or cool prop. Legio X has some interesting plans as well, we hope to have an even grander encampment and are planning a Fallout themed party for one of the nights. Being huge Fallout geeks we want to see what everyone else has been working on and geek out on our mutual awesomeness. More details to follow, but we want to make it the biggest meeting of costumed Fallout fans ever, there will be fun and games and probably some debauchery.

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