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The words of the Legate

“We shall see how brave you are when  nailed to the walls of hoover Dam Your body facing west so you can watch your world die.”

Thus spake Lanius when challenged by the bootlickers of  the NCR, the armies of the old order beneath the banner of the bear. This was the first and last word he would waste on them. Are they men? Are they true, who would restore the old order, the order of corruption and privilege and decadence, that led to the Great Fire and the death of all that your ancestors held dear?

No. They are perfidious and profligate who would turn us back to their “democracy” and face their foes with words and acquiescence.

The Red Legion neither fears nor is tempted by the craven whore of the west.  The Sons of Mars will not waiver nor tire until the order of strength, the natural order, is restored.

Maintain your ranks, ignore the false entreaties to peace and comfort and wait until the enemy is dead to take loot and slaves.

Ad Victorium!

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The Dam will fall!

Do you see them? The soldiers of the bear are soiling themselves as word reaches them of red banners on the horizon. They know that while they have squabbled and conspired, their fat politicians feeding at the trough of other’s labor, Caesar has gathered his strength. A hundred tribes have thrown off their decadent past and been absorbed into the Legion. They have learned the way of total war and the law of strength. The bear’s lackeys have grown soft and can no longer even control their own borders, much less challenge the red Legion. The dam will fall and the first thing their conquered army will witness is the top of it lined with crucifixes, decorated with the scourged bodies of Kimball and his cronies. Ad Victorium! 

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Wasteland Weekend is Nigh

Nigh I tell you!

Barely three months away Wasteland Weekend 2012 is coming up fast and it sounds like it should be the biggest event of it’s kind ever! The estimates (which seem a little exaggerated) say that twice as many people will be there and the tribes who were there before are adding more cool stuff. Now is the time to get cranking on that second costume or cool prop. Legio X has some interesting plans as well, we hope to have an even grander encampment and are planning a Fallout themed party for one of the nights. Being huge Fallout geeks we want to see what everyone else has been working on and geek out on our mutual awesomeness. More details to follow, but we want to make it the biggest meeting of costumed Fallout fans ever, there will be fun and games and probably some debauchery.

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